I'm looking at how NULLs are handled in relation to plpgsql row types.
Looking at exec_assign_value, it appears that we're supposed to be able
to handle setting a row variable to NULL:

                if (*isNull)
                    /* If source is null, just assign nulls to the row */
                    exec_move_row(estate, NULL, row, NULL, NULL);

However, the test right above that means that we'll fail if the user
tries something like "row_variable := NULL;":

                if (!(valtype == RECORDOID ||
                      get_typtype(valtype) == 'c'))
                             errmsg("cannot assign non-composite value to a row 

Presumably, I can just add code to that test to allow for *isNull.

Of course, setting a row variable to null is a lot more useful if we can
actually test for it after the fact, and I'm not really sure how to make
that happen.
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