> > Might want to enhance that message to include the information
> that
> > it's parsing the tsquery that's failing? I originally had it as
> part
> > of a much larger query, and it took me a while to remember that
> it's
> > tsearch that spits out that very generic error message.
> It possible, but not for 8.2 :(

Ok :-( Might want to put on TIDI?

> BTW, try
> # select plainto_tsquery('foo bar');
>   plainto_tsquery
> -----------------
>   'foo' & 'bar'
> (1 row)
> It parses plain text and makes tsquery. Function exists only in 8.2
> - some later we add docs about changes in tsearch2.

Ah, just what i've been looking for. The tsearch2 enhancements in 8.2
just get better and better :-)
(And I'm working on 8.2beta, so it's not a problem)


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