> >> Would it be possible to move the whole <crtdefs.h> block 
> into win32.h?
> > Nope, it needs to go before <stdio.h> and friends, unfortunatly.
> OK, patch committed as-is then.  The whole thing still looks 
> awfully icky though, particularly the way pg_config_os.h is 
> included in one place for WIN32 and a different place everywhere else.
> Would it make sense to split win32.h into two files, one 
> that's included in the normal pg_config_os.h place and one 
> included after the system includes?

I've been looking at doing this before, but never got around to it. It's
a bit hairy, so it's definitly not something we want to do during beta,
though. But maybe for 8.3.


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