> "Mark Woodward" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> The rating, however, is one char 1~9. Would making it a char(1) buy
>> anything?
> No, that would actually hurt because of the length word for the char
> field.  Even if you used the "char" type, which really is only one byte,
> you wouldn't win anything because of alignment issues.  Personally I'd
> just go for three ints and a date, rather than trying to be cute with
> the rating.

Actually, the date is just days, right? I don't actualy need it too much.
So, create a small int for date and do this: smalldate =
date('1970-01-01') - rdate. And use small int for rating.

 Column |   Type   | Modifiers
 movie  | integer  |
 client | integer  |
 day    | smallint |
 rating | smallint |

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