> On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 11:56:43AM -0400, Mark Woodward wrote:
>> The query was executed as:
>> psql -p 5435 -U pgsql -t -A -c "select client, item, rating, day from
>> ratings order by client" netflix > netflix.txt
>> My question, it looks like the kernel killed psql, and not postmaster.
>> The
>> postgresql log file complained about a broken pipe.
>> Question, is this a bug in psql? It took over 4 hours of run time before
>> the crash.
> Well, psql tried to store the entire resultset in memory at once, and
> failed. I'm not sure how many records you were trying to display, but
> try to estimate how much memory that would take to store...
> What were you trying to do?
It's the stupid NetFlix prize thing, I need to dump out the data in a
specific order. This is just *one* such query I want to try. I guess, like
I told Tom, I have to write a small program that uses a cursor. :-(

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