> Hi there,
> I'm looking into strange locking, which happens on WinXP SP2 
> SMP machine running 8.1.4 with stats_row_level=on. This is 
> the only combination (# of cpu and stats_row_level) which has 
> problem - SMP + stats_row_level.
> The same test runs fine with one cpu (restarted machine with 
> /numproc=1) disregarding to stats_row_level option.
> Customer's application loads data into database and sometimes 
> process stopped, no cpu, no io activity. PgAdmin shows 
> current query is 'COMMIT'.
> I tried to attach gdb to postgres and client processes, but 
> backtrace looks useless (see below). Running vacuum analyze 
> of this database in separate process cause loading process to 
> continue ! Weird.
> It's interesting, that there is no problem with 8.2beta1 in 
> all combinations !  Any idea what changes from 8.1.4 to 
> 8.2beta1 could affect the problem ?

There is a new implementations of semaphores in 8.2. That could possibly
be it.


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