On 10/5/2006 5:04 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
I came across the following obviously corrupt macro in pg_lzcompress.h:

#define PGLZ_IS_COMPRESSED(_lzdata)             ((_lzdata)->varsize !=          
(_lzdata)->rawsize +                        e       \
The reason we have not noticed its brokenness is that it's only used in
macro pglz_decomp_init, which is used nowhere.  In fact there seems to
be quite a lot of dead code in this header.  I'm inclined to remove
everything that's not referenced, rather than try to fix it.

That's quite possible that there is a fair amount of dead code in there because it was originally the header for the lztext datatype, which if memory served only existed quietly in one release to support slightly larger rewrite rules before it was replaced with TOAST.


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