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"Jim C. Nasby" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Why is it timestamptz can store a date and time to 1 microsecond in 8
bytes but a timetz needs 12 to store just the time to 1 microsecond?

It's tracking the timezone explicitly ... something that timestamptz
really ought to do too.

Wow, the docs are totally unclear on that. I believe that explains bug 2661.

Yes, it would be nice to store the timezone in timestamptz or an equivalent, but there's also a use for the current behavior. In many cases, you don't care what the original timezone was; you just want to make sure that everything is getting stored in UTC (and then converted to your local timezone on the way back out).

I'm thinking time[stamp], time[stamp]tz (which should do what timetz does), and time[stamp]utc (doing what timestamptz does).

In the meantime I'll try and clarify the docs on this.
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