"Pavel Stehule" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Why do you need the OID to know exactly what function something is?  What's 
>> wrong with schema.function(args)?

> oid is simply unique. I can take source code, args and all without parsing. 
> It's only one difference. I unlike parsing.

That isn't an adequate reason for pushing an implementation detail into
the user's face.  IMHO no error message seen by ordinary users should
mention OIDs at all.  A thought experiment: what would you do with the
message if we were to reimplement the system to not use OIDs?

I'm willing to talk about putting a complete specification of the
function (with schema and arg types) into the context line, but you
haven't really made the case why that wouldn't be just clutter for most

                        regards, tom lane

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