I've grepped through the source code, and the only thing I can find that uses readline (or libedit) is psql.

Is that correct?

If that's the case, how hard would it be to link only psql with readline (or libedit)?

Currently, if you ./configure with readline support, -lreadine (or - ledit) is added to the used-by-everything LIBS variable. Can we create a PSQL_LIBS variable and have ./configure populate that with libraries that will only be needed by psql? That way, ./configure can put -lreadline there and keep it out of LIBS so all the other binaries (postmaster, pg_ctl, pg_dump, pg_restore, etc) won't require it.

This request would be accompanied by a patch, but I wanted to ask about the feasibility of a PSQL_LIBS variable before going down that road.


- Chris

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