> AFAICT the backtrace and server log is indicating that the 
> crash is happening somewhere in libpq. If someone can help me 
> figure out how to load the libpq symbols into MingW's gdb 
> then I can get a better backtrace if required as I can 
> reproduce this 100% of the time. For reference, the source 
> for the application in question can be found at 
> http://svn.refractions.net/postgis/tags/1.1.4/loader/pgsql2shp.c.

If you figure out how to make gdb actually work on mingw, let us know -
not many has ever managed to get it wokring, and I don't know of anybody
who can make it work repeatedly.

That said, libpq builds with Visual C++. Could you try building your
pgsql2shp with Visual C++ as well, and then use the Visual C++ debugger
(or windbg, really). They should give working backtraces.


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