Tom Lane wrote:
> ... as an example, I see you removed material from 8.1's FAQ_HPUX that
> is still relevant to that branch.

Are we trimming platform-specific FAQs as we move forward?  I figured an
FAQ just got more accurate.  And I only backpatch to the most recent

Are you talking about this?

        - The parallel regression test script (gmake check) is known to lock up
        - on PA-RISC when run under HP's Bourne shells: /usr/bin/sh and
        - /sbin/sh. To fix this problem, you will need PHCO_30269 with its
        - dependent patch or successor patches:
        -     PHCO_30269  s700_800 cumulative sh-posix(1) patch
        -     PHCO_29816  s700_800 rc(1M) scripts cumulative patch
        - To work around this problem, use ksh to run the regression script:
        -       gmake SHELL=/bin/ksh check
        - If you see that the tests have stopped making progress and only a 
        - process is consuming CPU, kill the shell process and start over with 
        - above command.

This was removed in CVS HEAD, but it imagine it applies to 8.1.X because
the regression test is still a shell script in 8.1.X.  I will re-add it, 
but in general it seems like we win more than lose by copying the FAQ's
backward, partly because I don't usually apply them to the back

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