Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Joseph Shraibman wrote:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/postgresql-8.2beta1]$ ./configure --enable-debug 
configure: error: readline library not found
If you have readline already installed, see config.log for details on the
failure.  It is possible the compiler isn't looking in the proper
Use --without-readline to disable readline support.
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/postgresql-8.2beta1]$ uname -a
SunOS xx 5.10 Generic i86pc i386 i86pc

Do you have readline installed?

Apparently not. Of course it could be in some strange place where neither I nor the configure script can find it. Solaris is like that. I don't run postgresql on Solaris, I just happened to have a Solaris box on which I could test compile the beta, and I'm reporting the results.

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