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> improving the planner. Like I said, it is inarguable that there will
> always be queries that the planner can not execute efficiently based on
> the statistics gathered by analze. Since that number must be greater than
> zero, some methodology to deal with it should be created.

Just because I'm one of those statistics true believers, what sort of
information do you think it is possible for the DBA to take into
consideration, when building a hint, that could not in principle be
gathered efficiently by a statistics system?  It seems to me that
you're claiming that DBAs can have magic knowledge.

While I would be delighted to learn that my thumb in the air guesses
in the past had turned out to be due to my deep knowledge of my data,
I'm instead unhappily confessing that what I really, really wanted
when I made those guesses was better knowledge, based on some
analysis of the data.


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