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> Repair incorrect check for coercion of unknown literal to ANYARRAY, a bug
> I introduced in 7.4.1 :-(.  It's correct to allow unknown to be coerced to
> ANY or ANYELEMENT, since it's a real-enough data type, but it most certainly
> isn't an array datatype.  This can cause a backend crash but AFAICT is not
> exploitable as a security hole.  Per report from Michael Fuhr.
> Note: as fixed in HEAD, this changes a constant in the pg_stats view,
> resulting in a change in the expected regression outputs.  The back-branch
> patches have been hacked to avoid that, so that pre-existing installations
> won't start failing their regression tests.

Does this mean if someone initdb's in a back branch, the regression
tests will start failing for them?

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