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Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The existing type is depricated and has been since at least 8.1; so yes,
> > it's slated for removal.
> Well, my perception of that has always been "it needs to be upgraded or
> removed".  So if D'Arcy wants to work on the improvement angle, I have
> no problem with him doing so.  The thing we need to negotiate is "how
> much improvement is needed to keep it in core".

Well, the patch I submitted is definitely an improvement over the
existing version.  Are you saying that I have to make further
improvements before these ones can be imported?  ISTM that going to 64
bit without any other change is big enough to warrant the change as
is.  Once that is done I would be happy to work on other improvements
but my experience tells me not to make more than one major change at a

The one issue I have with my existing patch though is the removal of
the currency symbol from the output.  There have been many suggestions
that that just gets in the way but, following up on my own statement
above, this is two changes, not one, and perhaps should be left out of
the patch for that reason.

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