I guess the angle is: I, as a practicing DBA would like to be able to
experiment and get most out of the imperfect tool I have, and you, the
developers, want to make the tool perfect... I don't care about perfect
tools, it just have to do the job... hints or anything else, if I can
make it work GOOD ENOUGH, it's all fine. And hints is something I would
understand and be able to use.

Hmmm, if you already understand Visual Basic syntax, should we support that too? Or maybe we should support MySQL's use of '0000-00-00' as the "zero" date because people "understand" that?

We're just not going to adopt a bad design because Oracle DBAs are used to it. If we wanted to do that, we could shut down the project and join a proprietary DB staff.

The current discussion is:

a) Planner tweaking is sometimes necessary;
b) Oracle HINTS are a bad design for planner tweaking;
c) Can we come up with a good design for planner tweaking?

So, how about suggestions for a good design?

--Josh Berkus

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