Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > David Fetter wrote:
> >>> Should something notice and raise a warning when people create a
> >>> TEMP table and have AUTOCOMMIT on?
> > Added to TODO:
> >         o Issue a notice if CREATE TABLE ... ON COMMIT { DELETE ROWS |
> >           DROP } is issued outside a multi-statement transaction
> That is *not* what was suggested, and it doesn't seem very useful.  The
> problem really comes when one uses a temp table in autocommit mode, not
> at creation time.
> The problem with the original suggestion is that the backend can't do it
> because AUTOCOMMIT is a notion that exists only in the client-side code.
> And the client can't do it very well because it'd have to parse SQL
> commands, and even with that it wouldn't see CREATE TEMP TABLE commands
> issued inside functions.

Ewe.  Yea, I will just remove it.  We can't issue a warning easily.

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