Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Jim C. Nasby wrote:
On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 10:23:31AM -0700, Jeff Davis wrote:
Right. And I think the sane ideas are along the lines of estimate & cost
corrections (like Tom is saying).
Let me ask this... how long do you (and others) want to wait for those?
It's great that the planner is continually improving, but it also
appears that there's still a long road ahead. Having a dune-buggy to get
to your destination ahead of the road might not be a bad idea... :)

It's all about resources Jim.. I have yet to see anyone step up and
offer to help work on the planner in this thread (except Tom of course).

It's worse than that. Dune buggies do not run cost free. They require oil, petrol, and maintenance. Somebody wants to build a Maserati and you want to divert resources to maintaining dune buggies?



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