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jorge alberto wrote:

> I'm Jorge from Peru South America, and this is my first post
> I want to know how can I add a new spatial access method into the
> postgresql (I'm doing research on spatial access methods( reading a lot
> of papers and programming a lot too ) but also I want to know how can I
> add my new data structure( if someday i get it, of course =) ) in the
> postgresql, I mean where can i find the .h that describes the interface
> that a spatial access method, like the R-tree, must have in order to
> work with postgresql.
> I think that to understand how postgresql works with spatial access
> methods, like the R-tree, I need to find a .h or .c to begin
> reading the code, so can you tell me where to start?

Besides the hints others posted here, you might want to look at
contrib/tsearch2 and PostGIS for examples of how to use GIST.


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