"Brandon Aiken" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> What about time zones like Tehran (GMT+3:30), Kabul (GMT+4:30), Katmandu
> (GMT+5:45) and other non-cardinal-hour GMT offsets?  Is this handled in
> some *documented* way already?

Sure.  This has worked since PG 7.2 or so:

regression=# select '12:34:00 IRT'::timetz;
(1 row)

Also you can just do

regression=# select '12:34:00 +03:30'::timetz;
(1 row)


The weird thing about this allegedly-POSIX notation is the combination
of a symbolic name and a further offset from it.  Back when we didn't
have customizable timezone abbreviations, maybe there would be some
point in making that work, but I don't see the point now.  I'm not
entirely convinced that it really is a POSIX-sanctioned notation,
either --- the POSIX syntax the zic code knows about is different.

                        regards, tom lane

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