Hi all,

I am sorry but I forgot to mention that in the database schema we are maintaining referrences to the main table xyz(int id, img image, fname varhcar(50))

There are around 14 tables referrencing this table . The referrences are being made to the column id.

The code works well if we don't maintain the referrences but when we include the referrences then the database crashes somewhere between 2500-3000 transactions.

So could this problem be due to the multiple referrences being made to the same table ?

Markus Schaber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi, Ashish,

Ashish Goel wrote:
> But the same code worked when I inserted around 2500 images in the
> database. After that it started crashing.

Testing can never prove that there are no bugs.

It's like the proof that all odd numbers above 1 are prime:

3 is prime, 5 is prime, 7 is prime, so I conclude that all odd numbers
above 1 are prime.

So , I don't think it's
> because of error in the code. Can u suggest some other possible reasons
> and also why is it crashing at call to memcpy().

- broken hardware
- compiler bugs
- bugs in PostgreSQL

But without having seen your code, I tend to assume that it's something
like a wrong length flag in some corner case in your code.

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