Mark Woodward wrote:
Hi, Mark,

Mark Woodward wrote:
Shouldn't this work?

select ycis_id, min(tindex), avg(tindex) from y where ycis_id = 15;

ERROR:  column "y.ycis_id" must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used
in an aggregate function

If I am asking for a specific column value, should I, technically
speaking, need to group by that column?

SELECT 15 as ycis_id, min(tindex), avt(tindex) from y where ycis_id = 15;

This isn't a "SQL" question!!! This is a question of whether or not
PostgreSQL is correct in requiring a "group by" in the query. I assert
that since it is unabiguous as to what "ycis_id" should be, PostgreSQL
should not require a grouping.

Of course it's an SQL question. How can you ask about the correctness of a piece of text which purports to be SQL and then say it isn't an SQL question?

If you can point to a place in the spec or our docs that sanctions the usage you expect, then please do so, Until then I (and I suspect everyone else) will persist in saying it's not a bug.



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