"bgwriter doing aysncronous I/O for the dirty buffers that it is supposed to sync"
Another decent use-case?

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On 10/15/06 10:56 AM, "Martijn van Oosterhout" <kleptog@svana.org> wrote:

> Have enough systems actually got to the point of actually supporting
> async I/O that it's worth implementing?

I think there are enough high end applications / systems that need it at
this point.

The killer use-case we've identified is for the scattered I/O associated
with index + heap scans in Postgres.  If we can issue ~5-15 I/Os in advance
when the TIDs are widely separated it has the potential to increase the I/O
speed by the number of disks in the tablespace being scanned.  At this
point, that pattern will only use one disk.

- Luke

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