I have almost finished working on multiple rpm + postmaster issue today.
The spec file and patches in pgsqlrpms cvs work almost as expected and
does some preliminary work about multiple postmaster installation issue
(we can build the rpms and they are installed correctly).

I have a question about locale files. AFAICS, our configure script has
hardcoded localedir value:

  # Note: share/locale is always the default, independent of $datadir

However, I think we need to install locale files of each major releases
to different directory. I can patch the line above in spec file; however
I'm not sure where to install those locale files.

The question is:

- Is it a good idea to add a new --localedir parameter to configure
script so that the localedir will be configurable?

- If not, where should I install locale specific files? 

- ... or should I do something different?


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