Magnus Hagander wrote:
> I've set up my laptop to sync down the full cvs repository using rsync
> (remember - windows = no cvsup). This works well, except every now and
> then (not every time, but definitly often enough to bother me) it
> resyncs the entire repository, and not just the files that have had
> commits to them.
> Anybody have a clue as to why this is happening, and what I can do about
> it?
> //Magnus
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This, perhaps?:

  When comparing two timestamps rsync  treats  the  timestamps  as
  being  equal if they are within the value of modify_window. This
  is normally zero, but you may find it useful to set  this  to  a
  larger  value  in some situations. In particular, when transfer-
  ring to Windows FAT filesystems  which  cannot  represent  times
  with a 1 second resolution --modify-window=1 is useful.

(from rsync man page)


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