This change has broken my AIX 5.2 buildfarm machine (asp/kookaburra),
but doesn't seem to break the 5.3 member (grebe).

It appears to have problems with stats being off now?

What can I do to help debug the situation?


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> Subject: [COMMITTERS] pgsql: Work around reported problem 
> that AIX's getaddrinfo() doesn't 
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> Work around reported problem that AIX's getaddrinfo() doesn't 
> seem to zero
> sin_port in the returned IP address struct when servname is 
> NULL.  This has
> been observed to cause failure to bind the stats collection 
> socket, and
> could perhaps cause other issues too.  Per reports from Brad Nicholson
> and Chris Browne.
> Modified Files:
> --------------
>     pgsql/src/backend/libpq:
>         ip.c (r1.36 -> r1.37)
> (

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