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Is it possible to create tables in fashion that will not write info
to the WAL log -- knowingly and intentionally making them

Use temp tables?

temp tables won't work too well -- unless I can make a whole tablespace "temp" and multiple backends can see it. They work fine for small tables we snapshot (couple hundred or even a few thousand rows), but many of the tables are a few hundred thousand rows and several processes on the system all need them.

Also, it's likely that much of the WAL volume is full-page images.
While you can't safely turn those off in 8.1, you can dial down the
frequency of occurrence by increasing checkpoint_segments and
checkpoint_timeout as much as you can stand.  (The tradeoffs are
amount of space occupied by pg_xlog/ and time to recover from a crash.)

Our pg_xlog is currently at 9.6GB. Not sure I can reasonably tune it up much higher.

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