Hi, Peter, 

> How is this different from what autovacuum does?

My application needs to do vacuum by itself, while
autovacuum does it as daemon.
The database is updated so frequently that 
normal vacuum costs too much and tables to be updated are
not so many as the whole database is vacuumed.
I want to use autovacuum except the feature of daemon, 
but want to control when to vacuum and which table to vacuum.
So, nothing is different between autovacuum and smartvacuum(),
but former is daemon and later is user function.

c.f. I ran autovacuum before, and my batch script did vacuum while 
autovacuum did one as well on the other session at the same time. 
I found the vacuum analyze conflicts each other sometime... 
so I want to control vacuum my self.


Hitoshi Harada

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> Hitoshi Harada wrote:
> > I am trying to implement smartvacuum(), which do vacuum only tables
> > having many dead rows, instead of autovacuum.
> How is this different from what autovacuum does?
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