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> > In pgAdmin we have a simple bootstrap script the writes all 
> the version
> > numbers into a bunch of files, and then runs 
> automake/autoconf et al. It
> > sucks it out of one header which is all we have to modify manually.
> > Any reason we can't do something similar for PosgreSQL?
> The pg_config.h.win32 file is intended to support building in an
> environment where you can't run automake/autoconf, or indeed much of
> anything else. 

That doesn't matter does it? Marc runs the bootstrap, which inserts the
version numbers into the right place and runs autoconf, then he commits
the changed files (configure, pg_config.h.win32 etc) to CVS. Only he (or
you or Bruce) should ever need to run it.

> Perhaps we could require Perl or something to be
> available?  I know Magnus is requiring Perl for his MSVC 
> build support.


> This is getting offtopic for -core though.

Moved to -hackers...

Regards, Dave.

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