Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>> "Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>>> We have a problem with CE that I want to verify is either expected
>>>> behavior, a bug or something else :).
>>> Uh, what's your problem exactly?  The example only seems to demonstrate
>>> that if you don't ask for a sort, you don't get one.
>> Sorry. The problem is, if I ask for an ORDER BY it scans all partitions
>> versus only scanning the partition that has the data in it.
> Huh, but that's not what the EXPLAIN ANALYZE you posted says ...

Sorry I realize the error of my ways. It isn't that it is scanning all
partitions, it is that it is scanning all of a single partition (subject
to the WHERE clause). That is correct behavior.


Joshua D. Drake


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