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Josh Berkus wrote:
Hmmm ... while the primer on different types of replication is fine, I think what users were really looking for is a listing of the different replication solutions which are available for PostgreSQL and how to get them.

Well, let's see what we have:

* Shared Disk Fail Over
* Warm Standby Using Point-In-Time Recovery
* Point-In-Time Recovery

these first three require quite some configuration, AFAIK there is no tool or single solution you can download, install and be happy with. I probably wouldn't even call them 'replication solutions'. For me those are more like backups with fail-over capability.

* Continuously Running Fail-Over Server

(BTW, what is 'partial replication' supposed to mean here?)
Here we could link to Slony.

* Data Partitioning

Here we can't provide a link, it's just a way to handle the problem in the application code.

* Query Broadcast Replication

Here we could link to PgPool.

* Multi-Master Replication
  (or better: Distributed Shared Memory Replication)

No existing solution for PostgreSQL.

Looking at that, I'm a) missing PgCluster and b) arguing that we have to admit that we simply can not 'list .. replication solutions ... and how to get them' because all of the solutions mentioned need quite some knowledge and require a more or less complex installation and configuration.



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