Dawid Kuroczko wrote:
> Bruce, I've read Your documentation and I was left a bit with a feeling
> that it's a bit too generic.  It's almost as if it could be about just about
> any major database, not PostgreSQL specific.  I feel that, when I'm
> reading PostgreSQL docs I would like to know how to set up multi-master
> replication with PostgreSQL not an explanation what a multi-master
> replication is. It's not about the actual documentation content, but rather
> on accents distribution.  Now it is something like: "These are the types
> of replication solutions possible, some of them can be done with PostgreSQL",
> I think it should be rather: "With PostgreSQL and some third-party tools you
> can achieve such and such replication solutions, oh and by the way, research
> is done on such and such replication method, but it's not a production quality
> yet".
> And I try to think as my DBA-mates would do if they read the documentation,
> I'm not sure they would end up enlighted after reading the docs -- thay would
> probably say: "hey, I knew that, it's well structured there, but I
> still don't know
> what should I use", or maybe "where can I read something about this slony
> thing anyway?".

Well, the idea is to have a web site that lists all the solutions that
can be updated regularly, perhaps using the categories from the

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