Thanks for your response.

Waiting on anyone to implement this feature ;))

2006/10/23, Jonah H. Harris <[EMAIL PROTECTED] >:
On 10/23/06, Jim C. Nasby <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
> Since Jonah hasn't done anything with it he's presumably lost interest,
> so you'd need to find someone else looking for an itch to scratch. And
> it appears the original patch was against 7.4, so it'd probably need a
> decent amount of work to make it work with our current code.

Well, it was more of the case of community wants vs. what I needed at
the time.  I'm not quite sure if I have the patch lying around
anywhere, but it was fairly trivial to implement.

> o Allow per-tablespace quotas

Yes, this is what came out of the discussion.  A per-tablespace patch
should be fairly easy to implement once you get a consensus on what
constitutes actual space usage... as VACUUMable space may or may not
apply depending on your use-case.

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