Tom Lane wrote:
On further reflection, I think I understand why we've not realized the
existence of this bug before: in fact, it *doesn't* lead to wrong search
answers.  I think the only visible consequence is exactly the "failed to
re-find parent key" VACUUM error that Ed saw.  The reason is that the
key misordering in the grandparent level is nearly harmless.  Using your
example of

Yep. It's pretty harmless.

But now that I look at the original post by Ed, I don't see how the "failed to re-find parent key" error could result from the issue we've been talking about. The error message is printed when _bt_getstackbuf is unable to re-find an item in the parent of a deleted page, but _bt_getstackbuf doesn't look at or compare the keys at all.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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