On Oct 26, 2006, at 17:21, Tom Lane wrote:

And what was 1171 doing? I really doubt that either of these could have
been pg_dump.

I know that process 1120 is a Java client (Hibernate) running an UPDATE query, but I have no idea what 1171 is. I doubt that 1171 was pg_dump, but when we turn off the pg_dump cron jobs (for 12-ish hours), the deadlocks go away. We usually see 5 or 6 deadlocks spread throughout the day. That's not definitive evidence, of course, but it's certainly curious.

Given that you appear to be running 8.1 (tut-tut for not saying), it
really shouldn't be a foreign key problem either.  I'm betting these
are just flat out conflicting updates of the same row(s).

Yeah, 8.1.3. Sorry about the omission.

Is there additional logging information I can turn on to get more details? I guess I need to see exactly what locks both processes hold, and what queries they were running when the deadlock occurred? Is that easily done, without turning on logging for *all* statements?


- Chris

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