I'm using postgresql 8.1-407 jdbc driver with postgresql 7.4.13 database and it seems like there is an issue when the driver is used in jdbc transactions. I'm using this version of the jdbc driver, cause I haven't came across any fixes for the 8.1.4 security issuse for the 7.4.13 database driver. I only noticed that the fix has been done for the v.8 drivers only.

But the problem i'm facing now is when i'm using statements in a transaction (setting the connection.setAutoCommit(false)) some of the records doesn't go to the database. This is not a frequent issue and also I have noticed couple of times that if I try to add the same record again the db will throw duplicate record exception even though the record is not there in the database.

this is the code i'm using for JDBC transactions.

connection.setAutoCommit( false );
try {
    // ... execute statements
} catch (Exception e) {

is anyone of you came across this problem and managed to find a solution?

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