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ALWAYS presume case sensitivity and code _exactly_ that
way every time.

That makes a lot of sense for a C/C++/Java/(any other case-sens. lang.) developer. And perhaps SQL developers too should adopt it; but sadly (for nay sayers), the SQL standard doesn't require them to (and for good reason); and as is said in the PG community very often, 'who are we to question the standard?'.

(And develop you're own capitalization standard, too, so
you'll always know which way it goes.) You'll never be disappointed that
way and you won't create hidden bugs.

I'd be at the losing end all the time that way; 'coz every package has it's own coding style, (take PG for example), and I'd hate to see myself, or anyone else, to dirty the code by using a new, although consistent in itself, coding style. In a package developed in a case-sensitive language, I'd always want to code the way the earlier devils (I mean devels) had.

Seems like its time to crawl back under my rock.

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