I've been looking at adding SASL or GSSAPI as an auth method. I have some questions about how to handle the flow of control changes.

When you do one of the above, an authentication is not (necessarily) a simple one-packet exchange. In fact the exchange may involve trying several different authentication mechanisms before you find one that works.

The question is how do I handle the multiple round-trips where one trip is now assumed?

The simple approach is for me to just put the loop inside the relevant fe-auth.c and auth.c sections, corresponding to where the pg_krb5_{send,recv}auth() calls are. However the comments in the code make it sound like people are very concerned about the number of round trips and network accesses done. I notice that all the authentication (pg_fe_sendauth()) is done inside PWConnectPoll(), which sounds like something that isn't expected to block on network access.

Is this behavior important during startup? Or is it only important once the connection is fully established?

I haven't looked at the corresponding logic on the server side, but I'd assume that it forks before we get to this point so it doesn't matter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----
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