Teodor Sigaev wrote:
>> The problem as I remember it is pg_tgrm not tsearch2 directly, I've
>> sent a self contained test case directly to  Teodor  which shows the
>> error.
>> 'ERROR:  index row requires 8792 bytes, maximum size is 8191'
> Uh, I see. But I'm really surprised why do you use pg_trgm on big text?
> pg_trgm is designed to find similar words and use technique known as
> trigrams. This will  work good on small pieces of text such as words or
> set expression. But all big texts (on the same language) will be similar
> :(. So, I didn't take care about guarantee that index tuple's size
> limitation. In principle, it's possible to modify pg_trgm to have such
> guarantee, but index becomes lossy - all tuples gotten  from index
> should be checked by table's tuple evaluation.

We are trying to get something faster than ~ '%foo%';

Which Tsearch2 does not give us :)

Joshua D. Drake

> If you want to search similar documents I can recommend to have a look
> to fingerprint technique (http://webglimpse.net/pubs/TR93-33.pdf). It's
> pretty close to trigrams and metrics of similarity is the same, but uses
> another signature calculations. And, there are some tips and trics:
> removing HTML marking,removing punctuation, lowercasing text and so on -
> it's interesting and complex task.


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