Hi, thanks for your answers...

>Carefully check all the palloc's you are doing in your code.
>This warning is shown when you write some extra bytes to the memory
>and size of your data goes beyond the allocated size.

There's no problem in the memory allocation, just in relfrequency,
that's the "Big Problem" for me...

>Well, it's a bit hard to tell since you don't tell what changes you
>actually made to the catalog. Did you remember to update the length to
>the catalog entry and update the struct and all those details?

Well about the changes I have made, they are working just fine. All the
structures length have been updated and as I said we added 7 new fields
to pg_class structure and there was no problem. The problem here is with
relfrequency only.

> What's the type of "relfrequency" actually?>

I'm sorry, but I forgot to show you the relfrequency definition in pg_class.

Here It is:

// FILE: pg_class.h
bool        relvalidtime;    /* T if the table has a valid time attribute */
NameData    relvttype;    /* The type of the valid time column of the table:
                                       * event, state or null (when the table isn't a TSQL2
                                       * temporal table)

int2        relvtprecision;    /* The precision of the valid time column. By default 0 */
bool        reltranstime;    /* T if the table has TSQL2 transaction time attribute */
bool        relhasfrequency;/* relation has time frequency */
NameData    relfrequencytype;/* table time frequency type (REAL TIME, HISTORIC)*/
NameData    relfrequency;    /* table time frequency value*/
These are the seven fields we just added, and as I said the only one with
problems is relfrequency.

> Much more info needed...

What else could be important there?

Thanks again....

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