Gregory Stark wrote:

I would probably write that as:


static TransactionId
_bt_check_unique(Relation rel, IndexTuple itup, Relation heapRel,
                 Buffer buf, ScanKey itup_scankey)
    TupleDesc    itupdesc = RelationGetDescr(rel);
    int          natts    = rel->rd_rel->relnatts;
    Page         page     = BufferGetPage(buf);
    OffsetNumber maxoff   = PageGetMaxOffsetNumber(page);
    BTPageOpaque opaque   = (BTPageOpaque) PageGetSpecialPointer(page);
    OffsetNumber offset   = _bt_binsrch(rel, buf, natts, itup_scankey, false);
    Buffer       nbuf     = InvalidBuffer;

The disadvantage of using initializers is that you end up contorting the code
to allow you to squeeze things into the initializers and it limits what you
can do later to the code without undoing them.

True. And in any case, we tend not to be terrribly anal about style preferences, especially if they are not documented.

I am sure I have done lots of things in ways other people would not dream of, and I have certainly seen code done in a style I would never use.

This is a not atypical situation for open source projects, unlike commercial situations where it is easier to enforce a corporate style.



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