> For what it's worth, I heartily support this effort.  For most cases,
> it probably isn't necessary, but I can think of several applications
> for SASL/GSSAPI where something weaker will simply not do; in the
> absence of the proposed functionality, I simply wouldn't be able to
> use Postgres for those applications.

I'll also add that there are an increasing number of apps and 
authentication environments which use SASL or GSSAPI.  Supporting these 
means that we are no longer locked out of those companies.  I know that 
the Solaris folks would prefer us to use GSSAPI.

And if there is some reasonably large number of people using a particular 
athentication method, we should support it if someone is offering us the 
code.   Why would we reject a piece of useful functionality based on a 
published standard?


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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