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> On Tue, 2006-11-07 at 15:00 +1300, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
>> Simon Riggs wrote:
>> > EnterpriseDB has been running a research project to improve the
>> > performance of heavily updated tables. We have a number of approaches
>> > prototyped and we'd like to discuss the best of these now on -hackers
>> > for community input and patch submission to PostgreSQL core.
>> > 
>> Excellent! It would certainly be good for use cases like:
>> - session data from web (or similar) applications
>> - real time summary tables maintained by triggers
>> to "just work", as (certainly in the case of the first one) quite a few 
>> folks have been bitten by exactly the issue you describe.
> ...and of course it would be good if LISTEN/NOTIFY were able to use this
> concept also, to help Slony along also.

That should be much less relevant as people migrate to version 1.2, as
1.2 uses LISTEN/NOTIFY a whole lot less than earlier versions:

 1.  Number of events generated is cut in 1/2 because we don't
     generate NOTIFIES for confirmations anymore

 2.  When a thread is busy, it shuts off LISTEN, and polls.  That
     will cut pg_listener bloat further...  
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