Tom Lane wrote:
> "Andrew Dunstan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>> Clarify description of CIDR-address column of pg_hba.conf, to
>>> discourage
>>> people from trying notations like '10.6/16', which is accepted but does
>>> not mean what you probably think.  Per example from Paul Forgey.
>> Isn't the real problem here that 10.6 doesn't mean what you probably
>> think?
> If you're proposing that we change the behavior of inet_aton(), I don't
> think that's much of a solution, since then people who do remember the
> old notation ... or recognize the analogy to IPv6 abbreviations, which
> are not a lot different ... would get burnt.  We can't do it anyway on
> most modern platforms, unless we want to replace all of getaddrinfo()
> which seems pretty unappealing.

No, I'm only suggesting that the confusion has much to do with the use of
abbreviated addresses and not much to do with use of CIDR masks. If we are
worried about the confusion we should spell out the problem explicitly.



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