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> Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Sure, but it might be getting delivered to, say, your "sleep" command. You
>> haven't checked the return value of sleep to handle any errors that may 
>> occur.
>> As it stands you have to check for errors from every single command executed
>> by your script.
> The expectation is that something like SIGINT or SIGQUIT would be
> delivered to both the sleep command and the shell process running the
> script.  So the shell should fail anyway.  (Of course, a nontrivial
> archive or recovery script had better be checking for failures at each
> step, but this is not very relevant to the immediate problem.)

Hm, I tried to test that before I sent that. But I guess my test was faulty
since I was really testing what process the terminal handling delivered the
signal to:

$ cat /tmp/test.sh

echo before
sleep 5 || echo sleep failed
echo after

$ sh /tmp/test.sh ; echo $?
/tmp/test.sh: line 4: 23407 Quit                    sleep 5
sleep failed

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