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> Sent: 18/11/06, 07:30:48
> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Proposal: syntax of operation with tsearch's 
> configuration
> Jeremy Drake wrote:
> > I am currently in the position that my hosting provider is
> > apprehensive about installing modules in contrib because they believe
> > they are less secure.
> Using irrational and unfounded statements one can of course make 
> arguments for just about anything, but that won't help us.

Unfounded? pg_file_write() is in contrib, not core precisely because some 
considered it to be a possible risk (despite COPY being as dangerous) and 
wanted to make it a  non-default option.

Personally I think a guc to disable it, COPY and other potentially dangerous 
utility functions would be preferrable but that's a whole other argument.

Regards, Dave

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