ohp@pyrenet.fr wrote:
Hi all,

When I swithed to the newest version og pgbuildfarm, I noticed that
--with-ldap (now by defaut) didn't work on UnixWare.

This is because, on Unixware, ldap needs lber and resolv.

Not being a configure guru, I made the change bellow locally and that
works for me.
Surely, one of you hackers can come up with a better solution!

If you mangle the source tree buildfarm will usually refuse to run. In any case, we certainly can't hack the configure script - it is autogenerated.

The right way to do this I think is to put an entry adjusting LIBS in src/makefiles/Makefile.unixware, but first it looks like we need to propagate the with-ldap switch into src/Makefile.global



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