Olivier PRENANT wrote:

>> You left out the case where --enable_thread_safety is specified.
>> In that case, the frontend has to be linked with libldap_r.so
>> instead of libldap.so.
> Yes, this was on purpose, my goal is to try to make a second 
> patch when...
>> Does libldap_r.so _not_ require any extra libraries for linking?
> I don't know, hence the mid-patch

I see.

>> If it does require extra libraries, are they the same as for the
>> thread-unsafe library (on Linux, that is the case)?
> Not sure what you mean

I mean, will
 -lldap_r -llber -lresolv
work, or do you need something else (liblber_r.so or whatever).

> > Could you test compiling with --enable_thread_safety ?
> Will do, but keep in mind that --enable_thread_safety doesn't work too
> well for unixware (see template/Makefile.unixware)

> However, if someone can help me, I'd love to fix the problem

I don't know anything about Unixware.
I don't suggest that anybody should use --enable_thread_safety
on Unixware, but I think it should at least compile cleanly if

I guess that adding $EXTRA_LDAP_LIBS to -lldap_r will be enough,
judging from the evidence on Linux.

Laurenz Albe

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