Now, you can test prototype or work on it. All details are on http://postgresql.interweb.cz/index.php/SQL/PSM . This version needs patched core files http://postgresql.interweb.cz/index.php/SQL/PSM#Patches_for_core You can find supported functionality on http://postgresql.interweb.cz/index.php/SQL/PSM#Supported_statements .

Next week I should work on "for" and "get diagnostic" stmts implementation. There is a lot of work (please see ToDo and Errors sections). It's can be success if in you plpgpsm interpret will run. I plan take full functionality first and clean and refactorise source code later.

Dificult part is exception handling :-(, because all postgresql stored rutines have to run under transaction, which standard doesn't expect.

Please, use code from CVS.

Best regards
Pavel Stehule

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